Advertising Rates...

The Hanover Directory rates are determined by both size of advertisement and by how long any advert is booked to appear for.

And there are three ways to pay for your advertising:

  • Pay as you go...whereby you pay for each month as your advert appears. There is a minimum 3 months commitment. Months booked don't need to be consecutive.
  • Subscription...where you pay each month by D/D and receive a cheaper rate. There is a six and a twelve month option available.
  • Pay up front....this is wher you pay up front for 12 months and represents the best savings

Please note that advertisers signing up for our 12 month subscription package or who pay upfront for 12 months get free use of our website To understand more about how this website can work alongside your advert to help your business please see this video.

Please see our Rate Card here

If you want us to design your advert for you we can do this too for a small fee.

Having run The Hanover Directory since 2006 we have observed many examples of advertising that has worked well and advertising that hasn't worked so well. Please watch this video that explains the single most important factor in making your advertising work for you.