Hanover Film Producer's Latest Award Winning Film

Jamie Patterson has lived in Hanover his whole life. A lot of you may recognise Jamie as he worked in the Video Shop on Elm Grove for 8 years after he had done his work experience there as a sixteen year old.

Jamie has produced 5 films thus far with his latest City of Dreamers being filmed entirely in Brighton. We watched a copy of the film here in the office and we really enjoyed it. It really is a truly Brighton film and you will recognise virtually all the settings and maybe even some of the cast who are virtually all Brighton based.

City of Dreamers delves into the music scene of Brighton to tell the story of a young women on a journey to find herself. Rose is an aspiring musician who moves to Brighton, keen to forget the world she has left behind, and immerse herself into the vibrant and creative cultures of her new City. Through meeting new people, and inspired by her new surroundings, Rose travels on a path of self-discovery to reveal who she she really is, and who she wants to become.

When asked what inspired the film Jamie replies, "I knew I wanted to make a film about the Brighton I grew up in, I'd never seen that side of the city on the screen before, in fact the only films I know that really had been set in Brighton were quite dark, like London to Brighton and Brighton Rock. I also knew I wanted to incorporate music into the film, there's so many great unsigned acts out there and it was important to me to show that. Since the film premiered we've actually been offered a soundtrack by Republic of Music which comes out in June. What I think is missing from 90% of British films is charm, it was important to me that this wasn't one of those films. A feel good movie without being too cheesy was what I set out to make and I'm confident we did that".

City of Dreamers is the heartwarming tale of someone who chases their dreams of love, friendship and music, never knowing where they could lead.

How can you see the film?



Well, the film isn't actually out yet, it's currently on it's FestIval run, however people can follow the films progress via its official website; www.cityofdreamers.co.uk or through Facebook. So far the film has been accepted in Madrid Film Festival, Milano Film Festival, Sene Film, Music & Arts Festival, Womans Independent Film Festival, World Independent Film and Music Festival and Las Vegas Independent Film Festival. It has already won Best Film at Sene Film, Music & Arts Festival, Best Use of Music at Las Vegas and a Merit Award in Film Making from Women's Independent Film Festival. Oh, and it's nominated for Best Film in Madrid and Ellen Cosgrove- who plays the main character in the film - has been nominated for Best Actress in Milan.



Posted: 1st of May 2012