It is coming up to ten years since I first started teaching creative dance to children.  I started with the principle of providing a dance experience that was above all enjoyable.  A child's first experience of dance should be a positive and joyful one.  I wanted them to be encouraged to continue through their love and enjoyment of dance.  At Magic Moves children have the space to express themselves freely through movement without the usual constrictions of a formal dance class.  There is no uniform and there are no exams.  There is no one style of dancing and we dance to a huge variety of music.

The magical world of dance is one which a child can so easily relate to.  Through dance, a child can use their imagination to tell stories and express themselves emotionally in a way that they sometimes find easier than talking.  The physicality of dance also allows a child to expend some of that excess energy whilst being creative.

It still amazes me how receptive to new ideas young children are - give them the thread of an idea and they're off, carried away and pushing to take things in a new direction.  To encourage this I use props which help to engage the children in the movement.  Shaky streamers on a stick become a natural extension of the arm and so the wings of a bird.  A white chiffon scarf becomes the falling snow. A piece of blue stretchy material becomes the sea.  With a few simple props and the vivid imagination of a child the possibilities are endless and for those children who like to, there is often the opportunity to dress-up, adding a further dimension to our imaginary dances. 

Magic Moves fans say:

"All the children really look forward to Monday mornings, as that's the day when ‘Kate the dancer' comes to see us" Happy Days Nursery

"Kate facilitates an atmosphere of independence - but total inclusion." Judith (parent)

"Thanks so much Kate for your full-on fun classes." Maria (parent)


Monday           1.15pm            Hanover Community Centre (Southover St)

Tuesday           10.00am          St Joseph's Hall (Milton Rd)

Wednesday     10.00am          St Joseph's Hall