Hanover Favourites

Testimonials of local businesses sent to us by Hanover residents.


Liz Fulford - Personal Trainer

A fondness for cakes and my sedentary lifestyle working from home had taken its toll, and it was time to do something about it! Liz came round, took some measurements and created a plan for me to increase exercise and lose weight.

Before meeting Liz, I would have been hard pressed to run sixty yards - just walking up the hills of Hanover was a task - but within two months Liz had me running well over a mile. By mid-March I had comfortably completed a six-mile Sport Relief run on Madeira Drive.

Now I am planning my next goal.

Tim has raised the bar high by recently completing the London Marathon. Perhaps I will go for a couple of ten-kilometre runs and a half marathon?  Credit to Tim for his achievement!

Whatever your goal, if you wish to increase your fitness and lose some weight, then I cannot begin to recommend Liz highly enough. She has successfully motivated me to run further than I ever imagined possible.

I now regularly run the length of Stanford Avenue - uphill - and I have cut down on my cakes ... even if Liz does still think that I eat too many!

If you interested in getting fit and enjoying the process then don't delay telephoning Liz. She can really motivate you to achieve more than you thought possible. She is the only personal trainer I would ever have.


Peripatus Web Design

We commissioned Chaz at Peripatus to build this website to accompany the Hanover Directory monthly magazine.

From start to finish Chaz kept us fully briefed on progress made at each step of the way and there was a full process of consultation on design issues and development. Rather than impose his ideas on us Chaz went out of his way to produce the exact product we wanted.

Chaz's expertize in the field of web design meant that he came up with all sorts of ways to make the site more user friendly and professional.

To say we are pleased we used Peripatus to build our site is an understatement of magnitude. We are absolutely delighted with the service we have received and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody...and they are Hanover based!!

Thank you Chaz

The Hanover Directory