Those who've been around the Constant Service for a while will know our dearest friend and former bar gal extraordinaire, Charlie - she lit up every room with her warmth, kindness and love of life. She left us a couple of years ago for new adventures abroad and has been living, loving and being her wonderful self in Hong Kong.

We were devastated to learn that Charlie has recently had an accident, requiring major back surgery, but she is safe in hospital in Hong Kong and is receiving excellent medical care. It's too early for the medical team to offer a prognosis regarding her recovery, but whatever that may be, it's going to involve a very long and difficult road ahead for Charlie.

We want to do everything we can to help and support her, so are aiming to raise as much money as possible. The money will be used as required, for example: covering her rent, flying a loved one out to be with her, day-to-day expenses while she's in hospital, flying Charlie back to the UK when she is able and allowed to travel, living expenses once back in the UK, the list goes on...

The Constant Service will be holding various events, raffles, meals etc to raise money, so please feel free to get involved as much as possible. There will also be a donations box on the bar and all contributions, large or small, will be enormously appreciated. Alternatively, you can donate online via this link:

As you can imagine, Charlie is feeling overwhelmed, scared, in enormous pain and needs to rest as much as possible. During this difficult time, it's asked that you please respect her privacy and need for rest by not contacting her directly. It will be made clear to you all when she is ready to receive direct communication, but in the meantime those wishing to send Charlie messages of love and support should please send these via her close friend, Vanessa (Ness) Tretton, who is speaking to Charlie daily and will pass them on to her as appropriate:

Charlie says she loves you all and is so appreciative of everyone's love and support xxx

With love and thanks from all who know and love Charlie.

You can make a donation here...